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Hello there! It’s been a while since we caught up. I hope you’re having an amazing summer, finding ways to stay cool and spend time with your loved ones. Including, of course, your furry loved ones. This is the time of year when there is no better way to beat the afternoon heat then by curling up with your best friend for a long nap.

Be sure not to sleep the entire Summer away though because before you know it, it will be gone. To me, the Summer comes and goes faster every year. In fact, I can’t believe how quickly this entire year is flying by. It seems that just yesterday my trip to France with my husband was way off in the future and now it’s already behind us (sigh).

While we were in France I observed many French people out and about with their dogs, going through their lives with their pups by their sides. I saw dogs greeting customers in shops and dining with their owners in restaurants. I’m certain I saw more dogs in France then I even do here in the U.S. Oui! French dogs are lucky-they’re included in nearly every part of their owner’s lives.

One of the many highlights of my trip to France was visiting a photography exhibit of, what else, dogs! I was very moved by the photos by artist Eliott Erwitt.

Each picture perfectly captured a moment in time of a solitary dog or a dog interacting with a human. The name of the exhibit is “Dog Dogs” and if you find yourself in the South of France, in Toulon, it is definitely worth visiting. I’m including a few of my favorites from the exhibit in this post.

In case you missed any of the other stuff I’ve been up to: Here’s a link to my Phoenix television appearance.

I’ve also been busy writing articles on various dog topics including crating and training to name a few. You can find them here:

Modern Dog Magazine: “Embrace The Crate”

Pet Life Today: “Important Questions to Ask When Adopting a Pet”

The Bark: “The Rules of Great Pet Sitters”

Bart The Dumpster Dog: “Advice for Aspiring Pet Sitters”

My next adventure includes recording the audio version of The Pet Sitter’s Tale. I’m excited to undertake this endeavor because while I was writing the book I often read sections out loud to see how they would sound and now I will get to hear exactly how the entire book sounds. I will be recording two versions of the book. The second version will be a bit more cleaned up and listeners won’t have to worry about pardoning my “French.” I want to be certain that anyone that wants to listen to the book with their pet loving children can do so without being worried they might hear some “language” that they shouldn’t.

Au revoir!

Not all working dogs were working.
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