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Author Laura Vorreyer-Jordan

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By Cassandra Loskocinski

We’re excited to talk with author Laura Vorreyer about her new book, “The Pet Sitters Tale!”

Laura Vorreyer is an entrepreneur, and author, who pioneered the dog walking industry. She is the owner of Your Dog’s Best Friend, a premier dog walking and pet-sitting business in Los Angeles. Laura is also a passionate advocate for animal rights and is dedicated to pet rescue. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son and their dog, Dexter.


A: “I love dogs! Still, I never thought I’d make a career out of caring for them, thinking the only positions available would-be veterinarians or vet techs and groomers.

My career with pets happened by accident when I was working on a movie lot as a makeup artist. I was applying makeup for an actor and she had brought her small dog to work with her on that fateful day. While the actor went to the set, she asked if I would walk her dog, she did not trust the dog in her trailer all alone.

As I was walking her dog, very seriously, as it was the last of the makeup jobs I had lined up, Paula Poundstone, the comedienne came out of another trailer, spotted me and came running over, asking, “Hey! Are you a professional dog walker?”

“Well of course I said yes, and the rest is history.”

Laura’s road to pet-sitting began when she packed up her belongings and moved from Chicago to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a make-up artist for big-time movie stars. Rather than dabbing powder on the pert noses of up-and-coming starlets, she found herself without a union card (something she didn’t know she needed for a career as a make-up artist) and, therefore, couldn’t find work. Moreover, it seemed as if everybody she met was a make-up artist. “There were more make-up artists than actresses in Los Angeles!” she quipped.

Before she knew it, in order to just get her foot in that coveted door, she was heading to the set of a seedy adult film to apply make-up in ways she never – ever – expected. It was at this point she started to question her choice in career paths.


A: “While walking Paula’s dog, her neighbors and friends took notice of my professionalism and punctuality and started to hire me as well. My clientele quickly grew and before I knew it, I had more business than I could handle, and I began to hire other dog walkers and pet sitters.

As I continued to grow my business it occurred to me that this was an entirely new industry that had not existed even a few years earlier. I decided to write “The Pet Sitter’s Tale” as a way of sharing my experiences and encouraging others who might be wondering how to work with pets. I especially wanted to shine a light on my journey as a female entrepreneur.”

Never dull, sometimes hilarious and occasionally terribly sad, Laura found that her career of looking after the rich and famous’ furry family members was captivating enough for a book. Recognizing this, she got a good chunk of her anecdotes down on paper and produced what is a combination of the books “The Nanny Diaries” and “The Devil Wears Prada” with the can-do spirit of the film “Legally Blonde.” “The Pet Sitter’s Tale” is funny, inspiring and relatable to anyone who has ever loved an animal.

About her path to her career, Laura explains, “I have been many other things, but none as satisfying or rewarding as a caretaker for other living creatures.” Anybody who has loved a four-legged furry family member can relate and will laugh and cry along with Laura’s compilation of stories of her 15 years in the pet care business.


A: “My biggest challenge I faced while writing the book was two-fold; one was finding the time and the other was suffering from imposter syndrome. Who was I to write a book? Would anyone want to read it? While I always enjoyed writing, I never had any formal training in writing beyond college courses, but I certainly don’t have a degree in writing or an MFA.”


A: “I was committed to the idea of including pictures of the dogs I had walked and was happy I was able to make that happen. My aim was to tell uplifting stories, a sort of zero to hero tale of someone who through resilience and determination made something out of nothing and all while she had her furry friends by her side.”

About “The Pet Sitters Tale”

From the time she was a young girl growing up in Chicago to unintentionally becoming a professional pet sitter in Los Angeles, “The Pet Sitter’s Tale” is Laura Vorreyer’s collection of stories about her love affair with pets. Each story is infused with her unique sense of humor and observations about the foibles and adventures of furry children and their human counterparts.

Filling multiple roles as animal expert, companion, therapist, and friend, Laura muses over her client’s pet obsessions while always lending a compassionate ear. Both Sitter’s Tale” will amuse anyone who’s ever had their heartstrings tugged by a cute pet.

Laura’s book is available on, and Barnes and Her collection of short stories of dog walking tales through the years will have you laughing out loud, while also giving some practical business advice from her many years as an entrepreneur.

About Cassandra Loskocinski

Cassandra Loskocinski is an undergraduate senior studying Creative Writing at Malone University. Originally from a small town in Connecticut, she has migrated to Ohio. In Fall 2021, she will realize a long-held dream – studying abroad in Scotland. She hopes to one day get a dog of her own, write her own poetry books and eventually retire to a horse farm that she can convert into a bed and breakfast.

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