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I hope that 2018 brings each and every one of you happiness and joy. As we make our plans for this bright and shiny New Year, let’s also look back at the year that was and count our blessings with gratitude.

Personally, as I look back on 2017 I’m filled with gratitude for my continued good health, contentment and moments of sheer bliss.

The year held a few big highlights for me. In April, I got married and had the wedding of my dreams, complete with family that flew in from afar to attend and many priceless memories made. A perfect day!

I’ll always remember my handsome groom and 10-year-old son in their tuxedoes and beaming smiles.

Then, in late October, my book, “The Pet Sitter’s Tale”, was published. I couldn’t be happier with this news as I had been working on the book a very long time.

While I hope my book will reach the “Best Seller List”,  I’m learning to manage my expectations better and take criticism in stride. At the same time, I ‘m working hard at honing my interview skills both on the radio and television. I hope 2018 will give me many more opportunities to get better at both these things.

Between the two momentous months of April and October,  I was able to travel with my family while reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones. I intend to expand my tribe of people that love and support me and will search out those that share my passions and enthusiasm for animals and writing and travel, too.

In summary, I’d say 2017 was an amazing year and I hope that 2018 will be just as spectacular and even more so, which I have a feeling it’s going to be.

According to Chinese astrology, 2018 is the Year of the Dog, and that can only mean one: howling success and tail-thumping joy for all!

Many woofs!


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